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Entrevista con SHIT FUCKING SHIT (Grindcore, Italia)


Salugores! ¿Como anda el combo SHIT FUCKING SHIT? ¿Cuales son las ruidosas novedades con el promo 2014 y una posible edición en Argentina bajo Grinder Cirujano Records?
Hi there, Sandro here. The band ShitFuckingShit is going well, tons of gigs, tons of upcoming stuff including the new album we recorded at the beginning of 2014. We're looking for some good labels to release it, one of them will be for sure Grinder Cirujano Records, we like his releases and his way of thinking. He will be our official distributor in Argentina.

SHIT FUCKING SHIT comenzó como un one man band Noise Grind. ¿Que ha cambiado desde aquel inicio? ¿Ingreso de nuevos músicos Sandro y Tanga, nuevas ideas compositivas, mas conocimiento de los instrumentos y menos ruido?
Yeah, SFS started as a one-man band with the will to do noisegrind with drum-machine, pitchshifted guitars and synths. Luckly it evolved in what is now, a perfect killer sound machine keeping always its bizarre touch in destroying music to recreate it. Now we're in 3: Peter on guitars and vocals, Ciopci on bass and me on drums.  I must say that the sound changed quite a lot during the years, now we couldn't tag it as grindcore. I think it's more, it's a mixture between grind, hardcore, goregrind, death with some blackie riffs and what's more extreme. It' a real flux of our inspirations.

SHIT FUCKING SHIT cuenta con innumerables ediciones splits, compilados… Bueno para informar al grind lector ¿podemos repasar según su visión cada uno de los discos?

2006: “Perchè esistiamo?” (“Why do we exist?”)
First release ever, one-man band. Total noisecore with drum machine and acustic guitars pushed to the limit of recordings. Really enjoyed this one being the first. I never thought this would have been the beginning of all and how it would have evolved through the years.

2008: “Addicted To Rot”
Great tunes with great movies inserts. Soem covers on, first approach to open up the sound to the world.

2011: EP “Fat ugly bastards”
Second release as two-piece with Tanga on voice and guitars and me on drums. First SFS EP ever reviewed.

2012: “Promo 2012 [2.0]”
Well, the tracks of this one should have been on the second album but we used them for different purpose. This promo is what happened to the other tracks which have not been used on the “Aids Infected Shit” split: in 2012 we played in Leeds @ Blastonbury Fest with Ahumado Granujo, Anal Penetration, etc. There we met the good guys of Dr.Aids who after our show asked us to do a split together, the infamous “Aids Infected Shit” on FredWelife Inc. I really suggest you to get a copy because it was the first time ever we added also a cover/remix they did to one of our most famous tunes “Pornodipendenza da internet”.

2013: “Life Of Excess”
The studio album, recorded beginning 2014, still unreleased as i told you before. First and last time as 4 piece: Tanga on vocals, Peter on guitars/vocals, Claudio on bass and me on drums.

Luego dejan sus filas Claudio y Tanga para luego ingresar Ciopci en bajo.
After the recordings of “Life Of Excess” Tanga left the band due to personal decisions. Then we started being a 3 piece and recorded the 7” with Kadaverficker. We still are 3 with Ciopci on bass. We have just made a minitour in October 2014 in UK with this line-up.

Bueno parece que hay buenos y ruidosos contactos. Además de los splits han tocado en el Reino Unido (U. K.) ¿Como se dio esto y como resulto el viaje y las anécdotas del mini tour?
Well, we enjoyed a lot minitouring the UK. It was strange to see people at gigs who never watched us before, very cool to meet old friends there. We recorded a live set in our last gig in Nottingham and it was fucking killer. First time we got there in 2012, we had tons of contacts we maintained through the years.

¿Como esta la escena italiana? Bandas, sellos, labels, radios, fanzines, pubs y locales de conciertos. Por aquí ha llegado Vomit the soul, Cripple Bastard, Ultimo Mondo canibale, Inchiuvatu, La Caruta di li Dei, Blasphemer, Vulvectomy, Funeral Rape, entre otras.
Here in Italy we have a great extreme scene: from grindcore to goregrind, hardcore, crust etc. The problem is that places, radios etc are not so comunicative and open-minded but everything is cleared up by the lack of money we fucking have in nowadays Italy.

¿Y la situación social, económica de Italia y la Union Europea como funciona, la inmigración africana afecta la vida de SHIT FUCKING SHIT? ¿Llegan nuevas hermosas y voluptuosas mujeres negras a los burdeles, café vip de Berlusconi? Ah ah
Well, economic situation is fucked up, everything is under command of banks and government and mafia are just one thing. I think foreign countries see us as the bordel paradise of Berlusconi as you asked me and that's true because despite every kind word you will listen about our politicians, they are and will always be useless.

¿Cuales son los próximos proyectos para SHIT FUCKING SHIT? …pasos a seguir
We will do different gigs in Slovenia and in February we're planning something in Germany and Holland. Upcoming releases will be: split CD with Cave Have Rod from China and split CD 6-bands with Holocausto Canibal, Black Skies Burn, Acid Shark, Nagasaki Birth Defect and Kadaverficker.

Revelaciones Finales. (Mensaje final) Gracias por su tiempo, interés en darse a difusión. Stay Grind!
Thanks a lot to you for this interview and for spreading the word of the underground.
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